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Innovation creates technology

TecLines products are customer-orientated developed and manufactured. The products convince by a high quality, timeless and intelligent design. These properties open up a wide range of application possibilities. The TecLines products are used all over the world, for example in offices, at fairs, in sales rooms or in private buildings. The technical design-oriented lights and the products of media technology, like desk connection panels or cable management systems, are just two parts of the technological highlights of TecLines.

Furthermore TecLines offers the opportunity for custom made manufacturings and individual solutions for every customer requirement with the own production in Wedel near Hamburg. Custom made products or individual changes of already existing products are possible. TecLines- innovation creates technology.

Benefits of TecLines

  • Consultation

    Please contact us with any questions you may have. We advise you competently and free of charge.

  • Construction

    If the required product doesn´t exist, we offer an individual production.

  • Production

    In the in-house manufacturing single or series products can be manufactured.

  • Service

    Even after the delivery you can contact our support for any problems or questions!

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Some of our products

TecLines TCV001 Connect Videokonferenz System 4K Kamera & Lautsprecher
TecLines TNT004 Wandeinbau USB Tablet Unterputz
TecLines TKW006B Kabelwanne ausziehbar 1100 - 1700 mm, schwarz
TecLines TNT001 flush-mounted USB Power Supply Unit
TecLines TAS003S 2-fach Ecksteckdose mit 2x USB Charger
TecLines TKK009S Kabelkanal Schreibtisch aufklappbar 115 cm, silber
TecLines TES009 / TES010 / TES011 / TES012 versenkbare Einbausteckdose mit Kabel, 2x Steckdose, 2x USB-A, schwarz
TecLines TUC017B USB
TecLines TKM004B keystone custom module HDMI 2.0 4K, video transmission
TecLines TES005B Einbausteckdose mit 1x USB-A, 1x USB-C, 1x Leer, Qi, schwarz
TecLines TVS002 retractable power strip 315 mm
TecLines TKW Kabelwanne

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