Recessed socket outlet with cable – TecLines TES

  • Finish

    Black | silver | white

  • Connections

    2x safety socket, 2x USB-A
    (TES009, TES010)

    3x safety socket
    (TES011, TES012)

    1x safety socket , USB-A/C +Qi

  • Type of protection


  • Model no.

    TES009 | TES011 | TES010
    TES012 | TES015

TES built-in sockets with USB-A/C & Qi charging station

The TecLines TES built-in sockets are an ideal addition to the office, home office or kitchen. The practical multiple sockets can be opened at the touch of a finger or, when not in use, retracted into the desk, counter or worktop, where they are flush with the surface and thus disappear from view. Depending on the model, the built-in power socket is equipped with either protective contact sockets or USB connections type A/C (5V / 2.1A). In this way, several end devices can be connected at the same time and, for example, the tablet or smartphone can be charged during work. The supply cable of the practical multiple socket with protective contact angular plug is optionally available in a length of 1.5 metres or 3 metres. A table cut-out is required for the installation of the retractable socket strip. The desk power strip is made of robust metal and is available in black, silver or white. Popular areas of application for the desktop power strip are offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms as well as in the home office.

The TecLines TES015B built-in socket with 1.5 metre cable, 2x USB (A+C) and inductive charger is a contemporary furniture socket suitable for a variety of surfaces. It can be integrated into desks, tables or kitchen worktops to provide quick and convenient access to power outlets. This power strip is equipped with a practical socket that, together with the 2 USB ports (type A and type C) and the inductive charger, ensures both safety and convenience.



  • Connections TES009 / TES010: 2x socket outlet with earthing contact, 2x USB-A
  • Connections TES011 / TES012: 3x socket outlet with earthing contact
  • Connections TES015B: 1x socket outlet with earthing contact, USB-A / USB-C (5V / 2.1A / 10.5W), Inductive charging O/P: 5V DC, 5W max.
  • Supply cable TES009 / TES010: 3 m with right-angle plug with earthing contact
  • Supply cable TES011 / TES012: 1.5 m with right-angle plug with earthing contact
  • Supply cable TES015B : 1.5 m with right-angle plug with earthing contact
  • Material: Metal
  • Colours: black, silver or white

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Variants of the TecLines TES recessed socket outlet

Model no.EANConnectionsCable lengthFinish
42606614684962x socket, 2x USB-A
3 metersBlack
42606614685022x socket, 2x USB-A
3 metersSilver
42606614685192x socket, 2x USB-A
3 metersWhite
42606614685262x socket, 2x USB-A
1.5 metersBlack
42606614685332x socket, 2x USB-A
1.5 metersSilver
42606614685403x socket3 metersBlack
42606614685573x socket3 metersSilver
42606614685643x socket3 metersWhite
42606614685713x socket1.5 metersBlack
42606614685883x socket1.5 metersSilver
TES015B42607306277311x socket, 1x USB A/C, Qi1,5 metersBlack
Your individual TecLines recessed socket solution

We offer flexible / individual special designs in single and series production according to customer specifications! Design your built-in socket according to your ideas (special materials, special colors). Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail!

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