TecLines TKK – desk cable channel in different variants

  • Variants

    Rigid / hinged / flexible

  • Lengths

    40 / 74 / 90 / 110 / 147 cm

  • Colors

    Black / silver / white

TecLines TKK – cable management at the workplace

The TecLines TKK cable channels made of sturdy metal are screwed directly under the desk top and elegantly make the cable clutter at the workplace disappear. All device cables and wires can be conveniently bundled inside the spacious cable tray. Depending on your personal needs, the cable holder is available as a permanently mounted version, a version that can be opened on both sides, or a version that can be mounted flexibly. The hinged version allows easy access to the contents of the cable guide at any time, while the flexible version can be easily attached to tables in round format. The models are each available in different lengths between 40 and 147 cm and in the colors black (RAL 9005), silver (RAL 9006) and white (RAL 9016).


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  • For stowing device cables under the desk
  • Variants: fixed mounted / hinged on both sides / flexible installation
  • Different lengths and colors available
  • Material: metal

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Variants of the Teclines TKK cable duct

Model no.VersionLengthColorEAN
TKK004BRigidly mounted40 cmBlack4260730620107
TKK004SRigidly mounted40 cmSilver4260730620114
TKK004WRigidly mounted40 cmWhite4260730620121
TKK005BRigid with hole74 cmBlack4260730620138
TKK005SRigid with hole74 cmSilver4260730620145
TKK005WRigid with hole74 cmWhite4260730620152
TKK006BRigid with 2 holes90 cmBlack4260730620169
TKK006SRigid with 2 holes90 cmSilver4260730620176
TKK006WRigid with 2 holes90 cmWhite4260730620183
TKK007BRigid with 2 holes110 cmBlack4260730620190
TKK007SRigid with 2 holes110 cmSilver4260730620206
TKK007WRigid with 2 holes110 cmWhite4260730620213
TKK008BRigid with 3 holes147 cmBlack4260730620220
TKK008SRigid with 3 holes147 cmSilver4260730620237
TKK008WRigid with 3 holes147 cmWhite4260730620244
TKK009BHinged115 cmBlack4260730620251
TKK009SHinged115 cmSilver4260730620268
TKK009WHinged115 cmWhite4260730620275
TKK010BHinged147 cmBlack4260730620282
TKK010SHinged147 cmSilver4260730620299
TKK010WHinged147 cmWhite4260730620305
TKK011BFlexible147 cmBlack4260730620312
TKK011SFlexible147 cmSilver4260730620329
TKK011WFlexible147 cmWhite4260730620336
Your individual TecLines cable management solution

We offer flexible/individual special designs in single and series production according to customer specifications! Design your cable duct according to your ideas (special materials, special colors). Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail!

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