Keystone modules / custom modules – TecLines TKM

  • Finishes

    Black / white / silver

  • Possible combinations

    Custom module installation frame

  • Inputs / Outputs

    USB-C / USB-C 3.0 (TKM001)

    USB-C / USB-C 3.1 (TKM003)

    HDMI 2.0 socket/socket (TKM004)

    CAT6a RJ45 socket/socket (TKM008)

    Cinch socket/socket (TKM009W)

    Jack socket/socket (TKM010W)

    SAT F-plug socket/socket (TKM011W)

    Rectangle empty adapter (TKM012W)

    USB-A 3.0 socket/socket (TKM013W)

    USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 socket/socket (TKM014B)

    CAT7 RJ45 socket/socket (TKM015)

TecLines Keystone modules

CUSTOM MODULES can be quickly retrofitted or replaced with minimal effort. TecLines offers a wide range of custom module components for video, audio and network connections for sockets and table connection panels. Examples include VGA, HDMI, USB or CAT / RJ45 connections, which are simply installed in multiple socket strips with empty fields or support frames. The dimensions of the Keystone modules all follow a standard so that they can be mounted in the brackets provided. The TecLines TKM modules are very suitable for upgrading sockets with custom modules (e.g. Bachmann Power Frame, Conference, Coni, Kapsa, Step, Universal, DESK, DUE, PIX and many more) at office workstations, in conference rooms, entrance areas, exhibition halls, in hotels or at the private desk to a high technical level. The gold-plated plug contacts protect the module from corrosion and create increased conductivity.


Connection / ports

  • CAT6 RJ45
  • CAT7 RJ45
  • HDMI
  • USB-A / USB-C
  • SAT F-plug
  • Cinch
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Keystone rectangle empty adapter

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Model no.EANConnectionsColor
TKM0014260596521792Front: USB-C 3.0
Rear: USB-C 3.0
TKM0034260661463422Front: USB-C 3.1
Rear: USB-C 3.1
TKM004B4260661466164Front: Typ A jack HDMI 2.0
Rear: Typ A jack HDMI 2.0
TKM004W4260730622699Front: Typ A jack HDMI 2.0
Rear: Typ A jack HDMI 2.0
TKM0084260730622361Front: CAT6a RJ45
Rear: CAT6a RJ45
TKM009W4260730622378Front: Cinch
Rear: Cinch
TKM010W4260730622385Front: 3,5 mm jack
Rear: 3,5 mm jack
TKM011W4260730622392Front: SAT F-plug
Rear: SAT F-plug
TKM012W4260730622408Empty adapterWhite
TKM013W4260730622354Front: USB-A 3.0
Rear: USB-A 3.0
TKM014B4260730626376Front: USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 socket
Rear: USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 socket
TKM0154260730627199Front: CAT7 RJ45 socket
Rear: CAT7 RJ45 socket
Your individual TecLines keystone module solution

We offer flexible custom-made products – like a tailor-made suit especially for your demand! Create a keystone module according to your wishes (special materials, special finishes)! Call us or send us an e-mail!

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