TecLines TKM001 – USB-C Keystone module

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USB-C Keystone module – Technology in its highest quality

Ingeniously simple connection: The TKM001 USB-C 3.0 Keystone module offers many improvements for today’s USB standard. Not only the simple plug-in connection, which does not have to pay attention to the orientation of the plug, but also the higher data transfer makes USB Type C special.

Possible combinations: All sockets with keystone modules like e.g. The Bachmann DESK2 sockets can be equipped with the TecLines USB Type C connector. The USB-C Keystone module, combined with a keystone frame as a building block for custom module-enabled devices, is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops at the desk without much clutter.

Perfect for the office & for many other applications: The USB-C module is very well suited to bring electrical sockets with custom modules to workstations, conference rooms, foyers, exhibition halls, hotels or private desks to a high level.

Always up to date: The following devices are compatible with a USB-C cable: Apple MacBook 12 “, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Honor 8, Huawei P20, OnePlus 2 & 3, LG G5, Apple TV 4, Google Pixel C , Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 In the future, most reputable manufacturers will equip their mobile devices with USB-C.


  • Front: USB-C 3.0
  • Back side: USB-C 3.0
  • Allows connection to 2 USB Type C cables
  • Suitable for: USB-C compatible smartphones, tablets or notebooks
  • Can be combined with all Keystone-enabled devices, such as with Bachmann Desk2 Custom desktop connection panel


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