Retractable / extendable power strip – TecLines TVS

  • Finish

    Black, silver, stainless steel

  • Connections

    3x safety socket (TVS008)

    3x safety socket, 2x USB-A (TVS001, TVS002, TVS007, TVS009)

    3x safety socket, 2x USB-A, lid with qi-charger (TVS006)

  • Type of protection


Retractable recessed socket outlet worktop / table

TecLines TVS retractable 3-way recessed power strips are designed for installation in desks, countertops or counters and can be slid into the table and pulled out when needed. On the TVS006 and TVS007 automatic models, the recessed multiple socket outlets can even be fully automatically retracted or extended with a simple touch on the cover’s switch icon. When extended, it reveals three grounded sockets (TVS008) and two USB-A ports (TVS001 / TVS002 / TVS006 / TVS007 / TVS009) that can be used as USB Chargers.

A special feature of the TVS006: when recessed, the lid can be used as an induction charger / Qi charger to wirelessly charge Qi-enabled smartphones. The installation of the retractable power strip is very simple. The TecLines TVS is inserted into a table cutout and attached to the tabletop from below with a ring. A power cable is integrated on the 3-way power strip. Popular areas of application for the extendable /  retractable built-in socket are offices, kitchens, conference rooms and meeting rooms as well as in restaurants, at airports or at trade fairs.






  • 3x safety socket (all)
  • 2x USB Charger (TVS001, TVS002, TVS006, TVS007, TVS009)
  • Lid suitable for inductive charging (TVS006)
  • Fully automatic retractable (TVS006, TVS007)
  • Inlet diameter: 60 mm (TVS002, TVS008, TVS009), 93 mm (TVS006, TVS007) or 100 mm (TVS001)
  • Power cable: 1.5m, 1.8m or 2m with protective contact right-angle plug
  • Material: aluminum, plastic

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Variants of the TecLines TVS power strip

Model no.EANConnectionsCable lengthInstallation diameterFinish
TVS00140485631469773x power sockets, 2x USB-A1.5 meters100 mmSilver
3x power sockets, 2x USB-A1.5 meters60 mmSilver
TVS006S42606614691343x power sockets, 2x USB-A, Qi Charger2 meters93 mmSilver
TVS006B42606614691413x power sockets, 2x USB-A, Qi Charger2 meters93 mmBlack
TVS007S42606614691583x power sockets, 2x USB-A2 meters93 mm
TVS007B42606614691653x power sockets, 2x USB-A2 meters93 mmBlack
TVS008S42606614691723x power sockets1.8 meters60 mmSilver
TVS008B42606614691893x power sockets1.8 meters60 mmBlack
TVS008E42606614691963x power sockets1.8 meters60 mmStainless steel
TVS009S42606614692023x power sockets, 2x USB-A1.8 meters60 mmSilver
TVS009B42606614692193x power sockets, 2x USB-A1.8 meters60 mmBlack
TVS009E42606614692263x power sockets, 2x USB-A1.8 meters60 mmStainless steel
Your individual TecLines recessed socket solution

We offer flexible / individual special designs in single and series production according to customer specifications! Design your built-in socket according to your ideas (special materials, special colors). Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail!

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