TecLines laptop holders

As mobile work devices, laptops have been indispensable in many industries for quite some time. Due to their compact size, they offer screen workers a high degree of flexibility and enable seamless switching between office work and remote work. However, prolonged work on a laptop can lead to physical discomfort in the back, neck and shoulder area, as the user usually adopts a stooped posture. The use of a laptop holder can help here.

Notebook desk mount, VESA holder, laptop tray

An adjustable laptop mount provides more ergonomics at the workplace. TecLines offers a selection of laptop desk mounts, laptop wall mounts, laptop holders for mounting on a VESA mount or laptop stands that can be flexibly integrated into different work environments. By adjusting the height, tilting, swiveling and rotating, users can easily set the most comfortable viewing angle for them and thus adopt a healthier posture. The notebook holders are available for models of various manufacturers and inch sizes and come in different colors. Upon request, TecLines also manufactures individual custom-made products as single or series production. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested! TecLines’ portfolio also includes many other products for workplace furnishing such as built-in sockets, under desk drawers, desk lamps, cables and cable management.

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