TecLines Media Technology / Connectivity

Connectivity has moved into all areas of life and the associated digital networking is now expected. To ensure / create connectivity, optimization and simplification TecLines creates products in the field of media technology. The products are continuously developed further in terms of technology, design and quality. Also the portfolio, which consists of various power strips, built-in sockets, a flush-mounted power supply unit for wall mounting and several custom modules, is constantly being expanded with more practical as well as innovative products. In addition, TecLines offers the possibility to manufacture individual products in the field of media technology / connectivity.

Socket strips, USB power supply & keystone modules

TecLines media technology / connectivity portfolio includes a wall-mounted USB power supply for flush mounting to charge tablets, as well as a wide range of different surface-mounted as well as recessed power sockets. Thus, the round built-in sockets offer both a socket and further connections such as USB Charger (type A or type C), optionally HDMI or also an inductive charging station on the lid of the multifunction socket in the smallest space.  Those who need more sockets can resort to a TecLines TVS retractable power strip, each of which is equipped with three earthed sockets as well as, in some cases, a double USB-A port and / or a Qi Charger for wireless charging of Qi-enabled smartphones. Particularly well suited for desks in the office or home office, as well as for conference rooms or meeting rooms are the TecLines TES recessed sockets / desk connection panels, which can be opened with a simple touch of a finger or retracted into the desk, counter or countertop when not in use. The TecLines media technology range is also rounded off by various Keystone modules or Custom modules, which, in combination with a Keystone frame, extend power outlets by an additional USB port or HDMI port. Do you need an outlet in a specific RAL color or other keystones like a VGA or RJ45 port? We offer individual sockets! We design using the latest technology and can respond quickly to requests due to our own production. Both the manufacture of a single product and series production are possible. In the TecLines assortment you will also find media technology products as well as cables and associated cable management as well as office lamps / lights and under desk drawers.

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